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Myprotein squeezes a few pre-workout ingredients into a compact 60ml shot

myprotein pre-workout shot

Like a few other supplement companies, international brand Myprotein has taken a handful of common pre-workout ingredients and jammed them into a compact and convenient shot. The brand’s latest effort is simply named “Pre-Workout Shot”, which is precisely that; a small 60ml shot with ingredients to support energy, pumps, and performance.

Myprotein’s Pre-Workout Shot doesn’t have over-the-top dosages, as you see in some of the top-rated powder pre-workouts, but there is a variety at light to moderate amounts. Each bottle of the product packs 2g each of beta-alanine and arginine AKG, 3g of creatine monohydrate, a little bit of citrulline malate at only a gram, and energy-boosting caffeine at 200mg.

As mentioned, Myprotein’s on-the-go shot style pre-workout isn’t overly loaded with ingredients and dosages, although for its format, it’s a reasonable combination. You can grab Pre-Workout Shot directly from the brand through its online store in boxes of a dozen shots at £32.99 (45.68 USD), with just one flavor to choose from at the moment in Sour Berry.