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Nick’s rolls out another new ice cream flavor in Nougat Swirl

nicks nougat swirl ice cream

Last we posted about an all-new ice cream flavor from Swedish functional brand Nick’s, which makes plenty of other healthy and tasty products, including solid chocolate, snack bars, and even a chocolate drink mix. We’re back today sharing more excitement from Nick’s with the same thing again, another flavor extension of its enjoyable high-protein, low-sugar ice cream.

Following on from Vanilla Caramel Crunch, we have Nick’s Nougat Swirl ice cream, featuring smooth vanilla-flavored ice cream and a rich, delicious swirl of hazelnut cream. The brand has not revealed all of the product’s macros yet, only its calorie count, which is higher than any of the other Nick’s ice creams we’ve seen, including Vanilla Caramel Crunch at 360 a pint.

By the sounds of things, Nick’s Nougat Swirl ice cream is rolling out to stores now as well as Vanilla Caramel Crunch, in the usual single pint tubs; if not now, then likely very soon.

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