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NOCCO looks to be bringing back last year’s summer edition Blood Orange

nocco bringing back blood orange

Last year in Summer, the No Carbs Company NOCCO released a second special edition flavor for the season with Limón Del Sol followed by Blood Orange Del Sol. The product packed a strong blood orange flavor with all of the usual benefits of the brand’s flagship energy drink, including various vitamins, minerals, BCAAs, and a reliable 180mg of caffeine.

While NOCCO’s home country of Sweden is still a few months away from summer, it looks like the popular functional beverage brand is bringing back that second summer flavor, Blood Orange Del Sol. NOCCO has shared two teasers over the past couple of days, one seemingly saying “Blood Orange” and the other reading “Guess Who’s Back”, in Blood Orange style text.

Based on those clues, it seems quite obvious that NOCCO is bringing back its second summer edition flavor for 2020 in Blood Orange Del Sol, although we’re not sure if it’s for a limited time or permanently. Either way, if you enjoyed the Blood Orange NOCCO energy drink, it looks like you’ll be able to grab it from stores and enjoy it once again, sometime soon.

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