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Obvi unveils its women’s specific multivitamin infused with marine collagen

obvi mermaid multi

Most of the supplements we’ve recently seen teased, revealed, and released by Obvi, have been for its broader health and wellness line of products referred to as the Essentials Series. That is the family of supplements branded in white and includes the likes of Detox, Vegan Collagen Booster, and the complementary pair of Hello and Goodbye.

Obvi has announced another addition to the Essentials Series with Mermaid Multi, a unique and complete multivitamin formulated specifically for women. It does, of course, feature a variety of vitamins and minerals to support general health and wellness, as well as omega-3s, the Vitaberry fruits blend, coQ10, grape seed, lycopene, marine collagen, and astaxanthin.

obvi mermaid multi

The idea behind all of the additional ingredients outside of your typical combination of vitamins and minerals, is as mentioned, to provide more comprehensive support, including areas such as beauty and vitality. It’s a trend we’ve seen quite a bit of and a nice change of pace, as multivitamins are typically basic, so brands taking different approaches is great to see.

Obvi’s Mermaid Multi will be available sometime later this month, with the usual 30 servings per bottle to supply you for an entire month. The price of the multivitamin supplement also won’t be too premium, despite the brand’s more comprehensive angle, at $34.99 through its online store at