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Olimp bases its latest product on the amino acid profile in human muscle cells

olimp amino target xplode

When it comes to the amino acid market, Polish supplement giant Olimp has more products than most, from simple single ingredient formulas and BCAAs, to full-spectrum EAA supplements and amino-loaded tablets. Despite that variety, the brand continues to expand in the area, and this month, it has introduced yet another entry in the category with Amino Target Xplode.

What sets Olimp’s latest amino product apart from the rest is that it’s a more comprehensive supplement featuring a wider range of amino acids from hydrolyzed beef protein and free-form aminos. Each serving of the new Amino Target Xplode has a combined 11g of aminos, mostly made up of glutamine at 6.23g, alongside BCAAs, all nine EAAs, glycine, ornithine, and taurine.

The idea behind the ratio of aminos in Olimp’s Amino Target Xplode is to be as close as possible to the amino acid profile found in human muscle cells to support muscle growth and recovery. The Polish supplement company has packed all of its amino acids into a lemon-flavored powder, which is available now in Europe with a little less than usual 30 servings per tub at 25.