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Performix returns to the energy drink market with SST Energy Seltzer

performix ss energy seltzer

Performix has announced its return to energy drinks, and it’s a little bit different from what we expected. Years ago, the brand came out with two on-the-go beverages in the SST Energy Drink and ISO Recovery Drink. Both products had energizing ingredients, although the SST Energy Drink was geared towards performance, while the ISO Recovery Drink had 5g of BCAAs and was more for recovery and energy.

SST Energy Seltzer is Performix’s big return to the energy drink market, combining ingredients for energy, mental focus, and metabolism, all in a refreshing, zero-calorie seltzer. Each can packs a strong 300mg of caffeine for high-powered energy, half a gram of taurine, a light 200mg of l-carnitine, and the non-transparent ingredients, theanine, lion’s mane, guarana, huperzine a, and Bioperine to help with absorption.

As mentioned, Performix’s SST Energy Seltzer is guilt-free with no fat, sugar, or carbohydrates and zero calories in all three of its flavors, which also have zero alcohol, unlike other seltzers. The SST energy drink flavors are said to be light and refreshing and are Lemon Lime, Mango, and Blueberry Acai. Performix is rolling out SST Energy Seltzer to stores this spring, so sometime within the next few months.