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Core drops d-ribose, increases HBCD and adds elevATP for its new Core Intra

reformulated core intra

Around this time last year, Core Nutritionals relaunched its powerhouse intra-workout supplement Core Intra, featuring a reloaded combination of carbohydrates, full-spectrum of EAAs, and performance ingredients. It is a packed-out product created to support and power you through your workout and help with muscle recovery after you’ve given your all in the gym.

This week Core Nutritionals is relaunching Core Intra again with a couple of changes to the formula. Firstly, the brand has removed d-ribose from the supplement due to the browning and clumping it was creating. To make up for the loss of d-ribose, Core increased one of its other key carbohydrates to keep it at 20g per serving, bumping up its HBCD from 10g to 15g.

Core Nutritionals also decided to add an all-new ingredient to Core Intra for additional performance and endurance support by way of the premium branded ingredient elevATP at 150mg per serving. The revamped intra-workout is available starting this week from the brand’s website, where you’ll notice it comes in two new flavors as well with Pineapple Peach and Lemon Lime.