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Irish Whiskey Cream is returning for its second St. Patrick’s Day

irish whiskey cream classic whey

Last year, Nutrabio came out with its first-ever, alternatively branded, limited-edition flavor in Irish Whiskey Cream for its Classic Whey protein powder, created and themed around St. Patrick’s Day. The product itself had an all-out green-themed label design with a mug of Irish Whiskey Cream and a large eye-catching illustration of a flexing leprechaun.

Nutrabio’s Irish Whiskey Cream Classic Whey proved so successful, it went on to release several other special edition products throughout 2020, including its Freedom Flavors Series. Not too surprisingly, the brand has decided to bring its original Irish Whiskey Cream back for St. Patrick’s Day this year with the same taste and texture but a slightly different look.

Nutrabio has continued the flexing leprechaun and mug for the return of its Irish Whiskey Cream Classic Whey and switched up the background art as well as put the Irish flag in the brand’s logo. The product will be available for its second St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow through Nutrabio’s online store in a 2lb tub size.