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Skinny Food’s Chocaholic excitement with yet news of another flavor extension

skinny food creamy hazelnut chocaholic

As per usual, The Skinny Food Co has been incredibly consistent since the start of the New Year, revealing and releasing several new healthy products and functional foods. As we’ve mentioned many times in the past few months, a lot of those releases have been flavor extensions for the brand’s delicious, low-sugar and low-calorie spread, Chocaholic.

In less than two months, The Skinny Food Co has announced five new flavors of Chocaholic, including Toffee, White Chocolate Raspberry, and most recently, White Chocolate Orange. Today we have news that the brand is going to continue that spree of flavors for its healthy spread with yet another one that’s on the way in a Creamy Hazelnut Chocaholic.

Like all of the other new flavors The Skinny Food Co revealed these past couple of months, it hasn’t given an exact launch date for its Creamy Hazelnut Chocaholic, only that it’s coming soon with all of the product’s usual highlights of low sugar, low calories, and a great taste.