Sour Shamrock G Fuel sells out but quickly returns as Sour Green Apple

Mar 19th, 2021
sour green apple g fuel

Earlier this week, gaming supplement company G Fuel released its latest flavor with the St. Patrick’s Day-themed Sour Shamrock, featuring a sweet and sour, green apple taste. In addition to the arrival of the Sour Shamrock G Fuel, the hugely popular brand brought back its special edition flavor from last year’s Black Friday with the mysteriously named Classified.

While Classified G Fuel is still in stock and available from the brand’s website, alongside its current buy one get one free sale, the St. Patrick’s Day Sour Shamrock has sold out. To keep the fun alive, the brand has quickly restocked the flavor but under a different name and design with Sour Green Apple, which features all of the same ingredients, dosages, and taste.

To get your hands on the essentially returning Sour Green Apple G Fuel as well as Classified, head over to, where as mentioned, you can currently get two tubs for the price of one through until Monday.

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