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G Fuel puts together a sour green apple flavor for St. Patrick’s Day

sour shamrock g fuel

Lately, G Fuel has been launching a lot of reskinned products, which is where the gaming supplement giant rebrands and renames one of its previously released flavors for a short period of time. We actually got one of those a few days ago with a reskinned version of G Fuel’s lingonberry-flavored Pewdiepie collaboration, renamed Floor Gang for a limited time.

This week we’ve got news of another flavor of G Fuel, although this time it’s not a reskin, it’s an entirely new taste named Sour Shamrock, themed around St. Patrick’s Day. The actual flavor is sour green apple, something you might have been able to figure out based on the product’s graphics, and with it being St. Patrick’s Day themed, it is, of course, a limited launch.

Fans of the gaming supplement giant won’t, unfortunately, be able to get their hands on the product in time for St. Patrick’s Day, as the brand is not planning to drop it until that day.

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