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VMI previews a new version of Aminogex Ultra with a combined 10g of EAAs

vmi sports renewed aminogex ultra

Already this year, VMI Sports has revamped and relaunched one of its flagship supplements in the stimulant pre-workout K-XR Original. The brand made a few changes to the product, including moving to full transparency and adding DMAE. The aim of the pre-workout is still much the same, formulated to support energy, focus, pumps, and performance.

Since the debut of its refreshed K-XR Original, VMI Sports has been teasing and previewing several other new supplements, such as a rebranded Protolyte, the fat burner Shred-XR, and a K-XR RTD. The long-running brand has shared another new product teaser this month, confirming that coming alongside all of those others is a renewed Aminogex Ultra.

Amiogex Ultra is VMI Sports’ star amino supplement, powered by 7g of InstAminos branded BCAAs, betaine, and premium TRAACS minerals. The preview of the new version looks like the brand will continue most of that, as well as add glutamine and transform Aminogex into a full-spectrum EAA, making it a more comprehensive and complete recovery product.

VMI Sports’ improved Aminogex Ultra will have a combined total of 10g of EAAs, which as mentioned, 7g of that is BCAAs, leaving 3g for the other six EAAs. More details on the supplement will be available soon, with no word yet on how far away the full-spectrum EAA version of Aminogex is from release.