Wicked Cutz lets you enjoy breakfast bacon anytime of day in its latest flavor

Mar 20th, 2021
wicked cutz breakfast style

Branch Warren’s premium beef snack and jerky brand Wicked Cutz has dropped a new flavor of its tasty, protein-packed bacon jerky, which already had a handful of flavors to choose from. The enjoyable options the brand previously released for the product include Sriracha Style, Old Fashioned Maple, and Apple Wood Smoked, all available in small and large bags.

Joining those three Wicked Cutz Bacon Jerky flavors this week is Breakfast Style, a buttery creation that lets you have breakfast-style bacon wherever and whenever you like. The macros are similar to the product’s other flavors with 14g of protein per 2oz bag, a bit more of fat at 18g, 6g of carbohydrates, all of which is added sugar, and a calorie count of 260.

For the first time ever, Wicked Cutz has also launched its new Breakstyle Style Bacon Jerky in both sizes, a regular 2oz and the mega, 7.5oz value pack. Both options are available now through the brand’s website, starting at $6.49 for the 2oz and $21.99 for the 7.5oz. There are several ways to discount that with multi-bag purchases or a Bacon Jerky variety pack.

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