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XXL infuses its latest carnitine Burner beverage with 50mg of caffeine

xxl nutrition burner drink with caffeine

Popular European supplement retailer and brand, XXL Nutrition already had the Burner beverage powered by carnitine tartrate and the more compact Burner Shot; now there is a new Burner drink with an intriguing twist. XXL’s latest Burner product is similar to the original Burner beverage, featuring a good amount of carnitine at a solid 2g per bottle.

What makes the new Burner drink different from the other one is XXL Nutrition has infused it with a small amount of caffeine for a bit of energy at 50mg per 500ml bottle. It does come in a similar selection of flavors with four refreshing, fruity recipes to choose from right out of the gate in Lemon, Orange, Pineapple, and Cranberry, all guilt-free with only six calories.

XXL Nutrition’s newest entry in its carnitine-powered family of Burner supplements is available starting this week in all of its flavors and is slightly cheaper than the non-caffeinated original at €1.59 (1.91 USD) per bottle or €8.99 (10.79 USD) for a case of six.