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The Rock promises to deliver select orders with the Amazon launch of ZOA

zoa energy drink amazon

On Monday of next week, the exciting and all-new ZOA Energy drink from The Rock is finally going to be available for purchase in all of its options and flavors from the online giant Amazon. That includes the regular version with 100 calories and the sugar-free alternative, both in Original, Super Berry, Lemon Lime, Wild Orange, and Pineapple Coconut flavors.

The price of ZOA Energy from Amazon will be the same as it is in the brand’s own online store at, at $29.98 for a case of a dozen cans. In addition to the product being available at Amazon, The Rock himself is doing a couple of additional promotional pieces, including an appearance on Amazon Live to talk all about the ZOA Energy drink.

The Rock is also going to be suiting up as an Amazon driver and delivering select orders of the ZOA Energy drink from Amazon, personally. Once again, that launch is going down on Monday of next week, with the appearance on Amazon Live taking place at 5:30 PM Eastern Time.

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