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ZOA energy drink’s five flavors have regular and zero-sugar versions

zoa energy drink with and without sugar

Another interesting detail for The Rock’s ZOA energy drink that has surfaced with today’s highly-anticipated launch is that there are, in fact, two versions of the healthy energy beverage. In promotional imagery leading up to the release of the product, we had seen several cans featuring the highlight of “zero sugar” as well as some without.

Initially, we thought there were some flavors with sugar and some without, but as it turns out, all five flavors of the ZOA energy drink are available with and without sugar. The sugar versions have a total of 24g of carbohydrates per can, 23g of that sugar, giving the beverage a total of 100 calories, compared to the 15 calories in the zero sugar alternative.

The product now listed at GNC and available to order for shipping this Sunday — posted about this morning — is the clean, zero-sugar version of the ZOA energy drink. The one with sugar, however, is in stock starting today on the brand’s website at $29.98 for a case of 12. The sugar-free will also eventually be at, but at the moment, it’s only listed as coming soon.

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