Cola Lime flavor announced for 13 Lives hybrid thermogenic Verified

Apr 18th, 2021
13 lives cola lime verified

Verified is 13 Lives hybrid thermogenic supplement that also features ingredients to support beauty, including a moderate 2.5g of collagen per serving. Collagen is just one of many ingredients making up the formula, which also has acetyl-l-carnitine, GBBGo branded GBB, English walnut, grains of paradise, cinnamon bark, and a reliable 250mg of caffeine.

13 Lives’ hybrid supplement Verified is currently out and available in its home country of Australia in two different flavors, Wild Berry and Mango Passionfruit, the same two it’s had since launch. This Friday, the brand down under is releasing a third option for the product, which was only introduced earlier this year, with a zesty two-part taste in Cola Lime.

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