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Dopa Rush Shot carries over almost all of the ingredients from the original

advanced molecular labs dopa rush shot

The original Dopa Rush Cocktail is Advanced Molecular Labs’ nootropic-centered supplement, featuring a variety of ingredients primarily combined to support mental focus and cognition. It includes the likes of TeaCrine, mucuna pruriens, a solid 2g of tyrosine, and a reasonable 200mg of caffeine, with a comprehensive workout version also on the market in the Dopa Rush pre-workout.

Advanced Molecular Labs has now created another spin-off of its original Dopa Rush Cocktail featuring almost all of the same ingredients, some of which are even at the same dosages. The brand’s latest effort has taken its initial Dopa Rush formula and put it into a compact 60ml shot, aiming to deliver all of those same energy and focus benefits in the more convenient format of a small shot.

advanced molecular labs dopa rush shot

Just like Dopa Rush Cocktail, Advanced Molecular Labs’ Dopa Rush Shot packs 2g of tyrosine and 100mg each of garcinia cambogia and mucuna pruriens. The other two ingredients in the spin-off shot are a bit different from the original, in caffeine at 300mg instead of 200, and 1mg of BioPerine to help with absorption, compared to the full 5mg found in Dopa Rush Cocktail.

The first place fans and followers of Advanced Molecular Labs can purchase its first-ever shot-style product is through its online store where you’ll pay $34.99 for a box of 12, which works out to about $2.91 each. The energy and focus-fueling Dopa Rush Shot is currently only available in one flavor, and it’s not from the Dopa Rush Cocktail and Dopa Rush Pre-Workout menus in Berry Blast.