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Original Chainsaw flavor moving to Apollon’s other amino Enigma

apollon coconut lime enigma

Hardcore brand Apollon Nutrition, which has had an impressively strong year so far, releasing several new and exciting supplements, sequels, and special editions, has another launch this week. This time around, it has put together another flavor for its full-spectrum EAA product Enigma, packing a huge 14.55g of all nine EAAs plus several ingredients for hydration.

Apollon Nutrition’s newest addition to its Enigma menu is actually one fans of its other amino Chainsaw, may be familiar with, as it was available for that first in Coconut Lime. The zesty and coconutty flavor arrives with the brand this coming Friday and will be showing up in stores and its own online store shortly after at a price of $54.95 for a tub of 20 servings.