Apollos partners with industry veteran for its functional Mushroom Coffee

Apr 13th, 2021
apollos hegemony mushroom coffee

Apollos Hegemony has put together some different and creative supplements over the years we’ve been following it, although most of the time, its products are relatively straightforward, featuring a handful of ingredients in each. This month, the Polish supplement company has something truly different, especially compared to the rest of its lineup, introducing Mushroom Coffee.

The latest from Apollos Hegemony is indeed a coffee powder made with a blend of coffee beans from South America. Where the creative side comes in is the product is enhanced with mushroom extracts, turning it into a functional coffee. Alongside the coffee, each serving of Mushroom Coffee has 250mg each of chaga and lion’s mane to help with natural energy, focus, and cognition.

Apollos Hegemony actually teamed up with Lukasz Rytkowski to create Mushroom Coffee. Lukasz is a supplement industry veteran who works for the giant European distributor Prometeus and is a part of the Final Scoop podcast from the Supplement Engineer. You can purchase Mushroom Coffee from Apollos’ local retailer Muscle Zone at £8.81 (12.11 USD) for a bag of 25 servings.