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Azoth reveals the three main ingredients powering its upcoming Boss Flow

azoth boss flow

The focus and mental health brand Azoth, is coming out with a unique new gummy supplement called Boss Flow, formulated to alleviate the common symptoms of premenstrual syndrome or PMS. The product has said it helps out in areas such as aches, cramping, acne, mood, and hormone balancing, and as mentioned, it comes in fun and tasty, strawberry-flavored gummies.

Boss Flow from Azoth has still yet to get a complete release, with the best way to secure yourself a bottle at the moment being to sign up to its tester group through this link here. To give fans a better idea of what they’re in for with the health and wellness supplement, the brand has shared the formula behind Boss Flow, which features three main ingredients, all transparent dosed.

Each serving of two gummies of Azoth’s Boss Flow provides 300mg of DIM, 40mg of dong quai, sometimes referred to as female ginseng, and 40mg of broccoli extract. The product does come in gummy format and is not completely nutrition-free, but reasonable, with each of the 60 strawberry gummies per bottle having 1.5g of carbohydrates, all of which is sugar and about seven calories.

Once again, currently, the only way to get your hands on Boss Flow is by signing up to be a tester by visiting this link and providing all of the necessary details and answers.