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Cranberry makes it two flavors for Big Flex’s two month old Immuno Amino

big flex cranberry immuno amino

A couple of months ago, Indian brand Big Flex released an immune health supplement with a twist in Immuno Amino, combining a solid dose of BCAAs for recovery alongside an equally good amount of immunity ingredients. Each serving of the functional product packs 7g of BCAAs, 3g of coconut water, a gram of vitamin C, and several other immune health reliable features such as echinacea and vitamin D.

The only downside to Big Flex’s Immuno Amino when it launched was it only had one flavor to choose from in Strawberry Mango, although only two months on from that release, the brand is changing things up. Big Flex has put together a second flavor for Immuno Amino to go alongside Strawberry Mango in Cranberry, which is in stock and available now from the brand’s website ₹2,124 (28.16 USD).

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