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German brand Big Zone drops Hepa Detox for dedicated liver health

big zone hepa detox

German brand Big Zone has an all-new supplement this week, the first we’ve seen from it since the start of the year when it introduced its large 2kg tub of Cluster Dextrin branded HBCD. The brand has come out with a liver support product named Hepa Detox, relying on five key ingredients to support all areas, aspects, and angles surrounding liver health.

The ingredients filling out Big Zone’s Hepa Detox include 750mg of betaine per capsule, alongside milk thistle, r-alpha lipoic acid, methylfolate, and n-acetyl-l-cysteine. It is indeed a mix of commonly used ingredients to help with general liver health; Big Zone has simply taken the lot and put them into a separate supplement rather than combine them with a multivitamin as many others have.

Hepa Detox is available now through Big Zone’s major retail partner Gigas Nutrition, also based in Germany, although it’s open to everyone offering shipping all around the world. The price of the liver support product is somewhat high at €39.90 (48.01 USD), but you do get quite a few capsules per bottle at 180, which is 180 servings if you take a single capsule.