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Black Box Intro gives Blackstone fans a smaller subscription option

blackstone labs black box intro

Blackstone Labs recently introduced The Black Box, a subscription service where you get six supplements geared towards a set goal sent to you every month at a discount. It’s a great way fans already regularly buying multiple products from the brand to save, and to make it even better, the discount is as high as 50% depending on the supplements, and you get a freebie.

The hardcore supplement company has now put together a smaller version of The Black Box, introducing The Black Box Intro, a starter bundle of sorts with half as many products. Blackstone Labs’ Black Box Intro has three supplements in total — each for a mainstream category — and it is half the price of the original Black Box at $100 with the brand still throwing in a free item.

To subscribe to Blackstone Labs’ Black Box Intro or its full-size Black Box, head to Unlike the original Black Box, the introductory spin-off doesn’t have as many options. It comes with a tub of the brand’s amino BCAA Resurgence, a tub of the protein powder Isolation, and your choice of pre-workout, either Hype Reloaded, Dust X, or Dust V2.