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CarniPure creator debuts its newest ingredient in Body and Fit’s Pro Muscle

body and fit pro muscle

European brand Body & Fit has come out with an interesting supplement called “Pro Muscle”, and it is powered by the one main feature. Pro Muscle is a flavored formula explicitly designed to support performance and recovery. The ingredient it relies on for those benefits is MuscleGuard from Lonza, a company known for many other branded ingredients such as CarniPure and UC-II collagen.

Body and Fit is the first company in the world to have MuscleGuard in a sports nutrition supplement, and at its full dose of 7.3g per serving. MuscleGuard itself is a precise blend of four ingredients, that has been clinically proven to increase muscle strength and size. The ingredients and dosages making up MuscleGuard are 1.5g of CarniPure, 2g of leucine, 3g of creatine, and 10mcg of vitamin D.

As you can see, Lonza’s latest creation is made up of four long-running reliable ingredients, which is what Body and Fit relies on in Pro Muscle for its performance and recovery benefits. The brand has also thrown in a few others with a handful of electrolytes to support hydration and further the performance and endurance support.

Body and Fit’s all-new Pro Muscle, powered by Lonza’s patent-pending MuscleGuard, is available now through its online store in Apple Pear and Watermelon Kiwi flavors. The performance and recovery supplement will cost you €33.99 (40.73 USD) for a tub of 30 full servings, with the brand directing users to take Pro Muscle once a day, including days you workout and those you don’t.