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Chaos and Pain goes for health and wellness in its latest two supplements

chaos and pain immune support

The typically hardcore brand Chaos and Pain, known for supplements such as its original fat burner Cannibal Inferno and the hard-hitting Cannibal Ferox, has come out with two health and wellness style products. Both of the releases from the brand feature a very different look compared to its many other supplements, although it fits since they have that different angle and approach.

Chaos and Pain’s latest launches include Turmeric, combining its title ingredient with BioPerine to help with inflammation. The brand’s other product is a bit more complex with the simply named “Immune Support”. It is, of course, an immunity supplement featuring a range of reliable ingredients to support and protect your immune system, such as elderberry, echinacea, turmeric, and various vitamins.

chaos and pain immune support

Both of Chaos and Pain’s new products carry regular prices of $29.99 a bottle, with 30 servings in each, although to celebrate the launch of Turmeric and Immune Support, the brand is running a strong sale. For a limited time, through the Chaos and Pain website, you can get Turmeric for half price at $14.99, and for Immune Support, there is a saving of 33%, dropping the supplement to $19.99.