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Raw puts real cookies pieces into its next new flavor of Raw Protein

cookies n cream raw protein

Raw Protein is one of Raw Nutrition’s two protein powders, powered by grass-fed whey isolate, while its other one is vegan-friendly and relies on only plant-based protein sources. Both of those supplements are actually available in the same three flavors, all of which are very common, traditional tastes in Chocolate, Vanilla, and Peanut Butter.

Raw Nutrition has come out and announced that shortly, it is adding another new flavor to each of its protein powders, Raw Protein and Raw Vegan Protein. An image has surfaced of the flavor for the brand’s grass-fed whey isolate product, and like the others, it is a classic protein powder option with Cookies and Cream, made with real cookie pieces.

As for Raw Nutrition’s new addition to Raw Vegan Protein, it is the same as Raw Protein, in a classic Cookies and Cream. Both of the Cookies and Cream protein powders are actually due to launch on Wednesday of next week, so fans don’t have too much longer to wait.