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First look at Dragon Pharma’s highly-anticipated return of Hydra

dragon pharma bringing back hydra

Late last year, up-and-coming brand Dragon Pharma announced it would be bringing back one of its most popular, past supplements in the muscle builder Hydra. It will, of course, feature a different formula compared to the original but is still aiming to support in all of the same areas, helping to improve muscle strength and size, as well as muscle recovery and repair.

While it was several months ago Dragon Pharma revealed Hydra would be making a comeback; this week, we’ve finally got an update with a sneak peek at the returning product. You can see that first look in the image above, where, as mentioned, it is still making those original promises of improving and enhancing muscle growth and recovery with a natural anabolic formula.

Dragon Pharma hasn’t included any details about the ingredients or dosages it is going to feature, but from what we can see, it looks like it’ll have a three capsule serving size. The brand has proven it can move quite quickly in the past, so don’t be surprised if the 2021 return of Hydra happens sooner rather than later.