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ESN combines three patented collagens in its flavored collagen debut

esn collagen peptides

European brand ESN has released a flavored collagen supplement, which despite the brand’s size and flavored collagen being quite popular, it is something the brand did not previously have. ESN’s simply named Collagen Peptides does feature a good dose of collagen at 12.5g per serving, although it doesn’t come from the sources you see in most other collagen products.

ESN’s Collagen Peptides takes a more premium approach, providing that 12.5g from three patented sources. There is 5g each of Tendoforte and Fortigel collagen, and the remaining 2.5g from Verisol collagen. They’re each included to support a specific benefit with Tendoforte for ligament and tendon health, Fortigel for cartilage, and Verisol for skin health and appearance.

Once again, ESN’s approach in Collagen Peptides makes it more of an advanced, premium supplement, which also features zinc, copper, and 50mg of vitamin C to support natural collagen formation. The product comes in three flavors, Lemon, Natural, and Orange, and is available now in Europe, including through the brand’s website at €26.90 (31.99 USD).