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Functional brand LifeAid puts its first-ever sleep supplement into stick packs

fitaid dreamaid

LifeAid, the functional company behind popular beverages such as FitAid, FocusAid, and the self-titled LifeAid drink, has released its first-ever sleep support supplement. The brand is introducing DreamAid this week, which is not a drink like most of its products, but a powder supplement available in single-serving stick packs to help you get a good night’s sleep whenever and wherever.

LifeAid’s DreamAid comes with a variety of ingredients to provide that better sleep, although we don’t, unfortunately, get the exact dosages of all of them, as they’re wrapped up in a non-transparent blend. The DreamAid formula includes chamomile, valerian root, theanine, turmeric, lemon balm, GABA, melatonin, and black pepper, with the whole combination totaling 1,060mg per serving.

As mentioned, LifeAid has packaged all of those ingredients into a single-serving stick pack to have with you out and about. The sleep support product currently comes in only one flavor in a fruity Tranquil Tangerine with zero sugar but 4g of carbohydrates and 20 calories. You can grab the brand’s first sleep supplement from its website, where a bag of 30 sticks will cost you $39.99.

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