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Introducing the sports performance focused brand Foxhound Fuel

foxhound fuel

Foxhound Fuel is an up and coming brand that markets and formulated its variety of supplements specifically for athletes, focusing mostly on supporting performance, endurance, and recovery. The brand currently has three products on the market, one for each window in and around your workout or training, including pre-workout, intra-workout, and post-workout.

The formula behind Foxhound Fuel’s pre-workout “Ready” isn’t your typical stimulant-powered and pump pushing experience, which does make sense; as mentioned, the brand is more about sports performance. With that said, Foxhound gives you a simple blend of matcha green tea, providing 100mg of natural caffeine, a blend of electrolytes to support hydration, and B vitamins.

The next supplement in the Foxhound Fuel family is “Hydrate” for during your workout, which also has B vitamins and electrolytes for hydration, as well as coconut water. The third and final product is the post-workout “Recover”, featuring more electrolytes alongside 2g of glutamine, 5g of BCAAs at the usual 2:1:1 ratio, premium Curcumin C3, and Bioperine to improve absorption.

As you can see, the Foxhound Fuel supplements are indeed athlete-focused and geared towards sports performance, endurance, and recovery. You can get a closer look at all of the brand’s products through its website, where you can also purchase them individually or in a complete stack with one full-size bag of each supplement at a discounted $84.95.