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Pro Series Build combines PeakO2, HICA and elevATP to support performance

jacked factory pro series build

Over the past few days, we’ve been revealing full details on each of the supplements making up Jacked Factory’s recently released Pro Series, including Pro Pre and the nootropic Pro Focus. Today we have another entry in the line, with the Pro Series product Build, which is quite a unique supplement that doesn’t fall into any of your typical mainstream categories.

Jacked Factory’s Pro Series Build or Pro Build, is a performance-supporting product designed to be taken before your workout, and it can stack quite easily with most stimulant-powered pre-workouts. The brand has put just three main ingredients into Pro Build two of them premium, combining, as mentioned, to support performance as well as strength, endurance, and blood flow.

The three features powering Jacked Factory’s stackable Pro Series supplement are HICA at 750mg per serving, elevATP at 150mg, and the PeakO2 performance blend at a full 2g. The brand has put all of that into flavored powder form with Grape and Peach Mango as its two options, and squeezed a lot more servings than the usual 30 into a tub, with twice that at 60 for $39.99.