MAN brings back two flavors of ISO-Amino from 2019 for a limited time

Apr 1st, 2021
man sports mountain mist and dr pop return

MAN Sports has brought back two previously released, special edition options of its original candy-flavored amino supplement ISO-Amino in Mountain Mist and Dr. Pop. The Mountain Mist ISO-Amino dates back to the beginning of 2019, so a little more than two years ago, while Dr. Pop, a collaboration with MAN’s ambassador Fallon Taylor, came later that year in September.

Both of those flavors returned yesterday evening, and if you weren’t signed up to MAN Sports’ email list and got in as soon as possible, you, unfortunately, will have missed out on one of them. As the brand said might happen, Fallon Taylor’s Dr. Pop ISO-Amino sold out a few hours after it was released, so you can currently only get your hands on the Mountain Mist.

If you’re at all interested in MAN Sports’ Mountain Mist ISO-Amino, we suggest heading over to the brand’s website sooner rather than later and get in on one of MAN’s limited-time offers. You can grab one 30 serving tub at $29.99, two for $54.98, or a colossal six-pack for $25 per tub, and you do get to pick the flavors, so they don’t all have to be Mountain Mist.

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