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Longtime USN athlete Ryan Terry goes to Myprotein and is getting his own line

myprotein ryan terry series

Bodybuilding Physique competitor Ryan Terry recently announced a departure from his first-ever and incredibly supportive supplement company sponsor, USN, out of South Africa. Terry has actually been with the brand for an impressive 11 years, and for 2021, he decided to part ways and has since revealed his next steps and plans moving forward.

Ryan Terry has split with USN and partnered with another major international supplement company in Myprotein. The interesting part about the team up with Myprotein is he’s not going to be just another athlete. Terry has confirmed he will be coming out with a line of supplements under Myprotein, similar to Chris Bumstead and Jacked Factory.

Very few details have been shared about Myprotein and Ryan Terry’s series of products, only that it’ll involve three different supplements to start. Those three will be a pre-workout to power you through your workout, an intra-workout to support you during training, and finally, a post-workout, presumably to help improve recovery after your workout.

More information on Ryan Terry’s line from Myprotein will be along soon, and we’re definitely excited to see what the pair have created and come up with, especially for the highly competitive world of pre-workouts.