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Fans of Nutra Innovations are getting an amino without caffeine in May

nutra innovations essentials

The up-and-coming Nutra Innovations has announced an all-new amino-based supplement that is due to launch sometime next month, with no exact date just yet. It is separate from the brand’s current amino competitor Amino Prime, which doesn’t have overly large dosages of aminos and is also infused with 150mg of natural caffeine for energy.

Nutra Innovations’ upcoming product is named “Essentials”, and it is, of course, a full-spectrum EAA featuring a combined 8.6g of all nine EAAs, with the majority of that being BCAAs at 6g per serving. The brand has also thrown in premium Aquamin branded marine minerals and pink Himalayan sea salt to support hydration, and a reasonable 1.5g of betaine.

It is worth noting, Nutra Innovations Essentials is not replacing its other amino supplement Amino Prime, which, as mentioned, doesn’t have as high dosages of aminos, and it comes with caffeine for energy. The second amino product is essentially a more advanced amino, focusing heavily on providing a solid dose of EAAs for muscle recovery and repair

Once again, Nutra Innovations is looking to launch Essentials sometime next month in a small selection of flavors to start in Blueberry Acai, Peach Mango, and Candy Green Apple, all with the usual 30 servings per tub.