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Nutrabolics goes full-spectrum EAA in its PeakO2-enhanced Anabolic State Elite

nutrabolics anabolic state elite

Back near the end of 2019, news came out that legacy Canadian supplement company Nutrabolics, would be releasing a spin-off of its original amino Anabolic State called Anabolic State Elite. The idea was it would combine all of the features of the regular version with the performance and endurance-enhancing PeakO2 mushroom extract blend.

While it was over a year ago we got that news; Nutrabolics’ long-awaited Anabolic State Elite has finally come to life and is rolling out to retailers in Canada starting this coming June. Much like that original announcement mentioned, the Elite spin-off does combine all of the key ingredients found in Anabolic State, although it actually has a little more than that.

Anabolic State Elite is a supplement with a full-spectrum of EAAs to support recovery, which separates it from Nutrabolics’ regular version, as that one only has the three BCAAs. The product also features a hefty dose of aminos with a combined 10g of all nine EAAs per serving, 8g of that being BCAAs, as well as a gram of Glycerol90 for hydration, 1.5g of taurine, half a gram of HICA like Anabolic State, and 1.25g of betaine.

Lastly, Nutrabolics has included PeakO2 in Anabolic State Elite, as it initially promised, at a gram per serving, and it’s also worth mentioning the formula is vegan-friendly. The supplement is once again rolling out to retailers in June in four flavors — Cherry Candy, Peach Rings, Grape Lollipop, Sour Raspberry Candies — with 21 full servings per tub.