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Cola and Lavender flavors now available for Nutrend’s carnitine drink

nutrend sparkling lavender carnitine

Nutrend’s Carnitine Activity Drink is precisely what its name says it is, with a carnitine-based beverage to support performance and endurance, also featuring caffeine and taurine. An entire one-liter bottle of the product comes with a single gram of regular l-carnitine, while the taurine sits at one gram as well and the caffeine at a minimal 40mg, with no sugar and only 16 calories.

Another key highlight of Nutrend’s Carnitine Activity Drink is it’s available in a wide variety of flavors, plenty of which are far from your traditional fruit punch and blue raspberry. The European brand actually added a flavor to the beverage’s menu back in 2019 with a Sparkling Mango Coconut, and now Nutrend has returned and introduced two more new tastes for the product.

The two flavors extending Nutrend’s Carnitine Activity Drink lineup continue the theme from Mango Coconut and are sparkling flavors with Cola, and an even more interesting Lavender. The new releases are available from this month in the brand’s home country of the Czech Republic, and both feature the same combination of carnitine, taurine, and caffeine.

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