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Purus creates a multivitamin from the ground up with fasting in mind

purus labs multifast

Purus Labs has come out with the first completely new supplement we’ve seen from the brand in an extremely long time. The latest from Purus Labs is called MultiFast, a multivitamin product, although it’s not your typical blend of vitamins and minerals. The brand says it formulated MultiFast from the ground up to support those living an intermittent fasting lifestyle.

Purus Labs has packed MultiFast with highly bioavailable forms of B vitamins and premium chelated TRAACS minerals, making it one of your more premium multivitamin competitors. The brand has also thrown in a whole bunch of additional ingredients for bonus benefits such as improved mental focus and life extension support, further enforcing that premium angle.

purus labs multifast

You can see the complete combination of ingredients Purus Labs has brought together in MultiFast in the facts panel above. As mentioned, it comes with a comprehensive blend of vitamins and minerals, and the extra features such as berberine, ProDURA probiotics for gut health, Veri-te resveratrol, apple cider vinegar, tyrosine and Cognizin for the focus, and huperzine a.

Purus Labs has yet to make MultiFast available on its website just yet or any major retailer from what can see, but with its details now out there, we have to imagine it’ll be out soon. The supplement has 30, four capsule servings per bottle, with the ingredients wrapped in high-quality Capsugel DR-Caps for improved absorption and minimized stomach discomfort.