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PVL shares a lot more information on its Gold Series pre-workout coming in May

pvl domin8

It was last week that PVL announced it is coming out with a well-dosed pre-workout next month and said it would be its biggest supplement launch to date. We’ve now got an even better look at the product, including its name, the formats it is going to be available in, flavors, and the variety of benefits it is hoping to deliver in the gym.

Firstly, PVL’s upcoming Gold Series pre-workout is officially titled “DOMIN8”, and it features a spacious 13g serving size, or 26g if you throw down two. We still don’t know what any of its eight ingredients and dosages are, but we can confirm that combined, they intend to increase energy, provide razor-sharp focus, and enhance muscle pumps.

PVL will be launching the Gold Series pre-workout DOMIN8 in traditional bulk tubs with 40 servings in each or 20 double servings, as well as a tube filled with 12 single-serving stick packs. The supplement is also going to have three flavors to start in Mango Punch, Arctic Blue Slush, and Tropical Knock Out, although only Arctic Blue for the stick packs.

As mentioned, PVL is planning to release DOMIN8 sometime next month with more details on what’s in the pre-workout due to be shared between now and then. The brand’s sign-up page is still open as well, where you enter your name and contact details, and when DOMIN8 eventually arrives, you’ll be given access to an exclusive introductory deal.

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