Redcon1 shares a sneak peek at an RTD version of its hydration supplement

Apr 4th, 2021
redcon1 previews its canteen rtd

Since introducing its first-ever on-the-go beverage with the Total War RTD, Redcon1 has only expanded its offerings in that part of the market. The brand now also does an RTD version of its protein powder MRE Lite available in a variety of tasty milkshake-like flavors and the completely individual, compact, and high-powered energy shot, FUBAR.

Redcon1 has now shared an image that sees its eyes turn back on to the convenient on-the-go world of supplements with an RTD version of its hydration-support product, Canteen. The original features a blend of electrolytes, vitamins, taurine, hyaluronic acid, and a bit of dextrose, all in the name of support hydration and improving all-around performance.

Looking at the picture Redcon1 has shared, it seems the upcoming Canteen RTD will have the same intentions as the regular powder supplement, aiming to support hydration and performance. More details on this will hopefully be along soon, although the brand has been busy with three exciting announcements coming this week alone, including the launch of a large value size tub of Redcon1’s pre-workout Total War.

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