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Aaron Singerman chats about the rise of Redcon1 and the excitement to come

redcon1 mushroom cloud interview confirmation

Aaron Singerman and his well-known brand Redcon1 have been on an incredible rise since the supplement company first came to market with 13 different products almost five years ago in 2016. The brand has since expanded into many other categories, branched out into massive distributors and retailers, and in its first two years in the industry, it won our Brand Of The Year award.

To say Redcon1 has accomplished a lot in its lifespan is an understatement, so this week, we sat down with the man himself, Aaron Singerman, for a podcast interview. The episode does stretch on a little longer than others we’ve done; however, we cover many topics, from Aaron’s journey with Redcon1 through the years, the changes he’s gone through, and lessons he’s still learning.

While a lot of the interview is about what Redcon1 has achieved, the things it’s done to do that, and other inner workings, Aaron Singerman did touch on the many exciting things the brand has coming. We already knew Redcon1 has an all-new protein bar on the way and promises to be quite exciting, although it also has an entirely new supplement with a formula named Mushroom Cloud.

Redcon1’s Mushroom Cloud is going to be a dedicated adaptogen product, which is not something you see from many brands, but with a line as extensive as Redcon1’s, it doesn’t have many categories left to enter. If you’d like to check out our full interview with Aaron, you can find it on all of the usual platforms including iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and SoundCloud.