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Skinny Food Co previews a delicious-looking Maltesers-like snack

skinny food skinny lights

The Skinny Food Co has dropped a preview of an intriguing-looking product, which is certainly not uncommon coming from the UK-based functional food company. The image features a snack called Skinny Malts, and as you could probably figure out based on the branding and chocolate balls, it is intended to be a tasty Maltesers-like product.

Maltesers is a popular candy in the UK and available in many other countries; which are small and crispy, malted milk balls covered in a delicious milk chocolate. Judging by what The Skinny Food Co is saying and picturing, its upcoming food will look to replicate that experience, but of course, being the brand that it is, they’ll be much lower in sugar.

It is also worth noting that while The Skinny Food Co’s Maltesers-like health snack is called Skinny Malts in the picture, further hinting at the that Maltesers experience, that won’t be the official name. The brand has confirmed, when the product does eventually become available sometime later this year, it’ll be titled Skinny Lights.