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South Africa’s TNT takes a comprehensive approach in its all-in-one multivitamin

tnt mercury nutrient beast

Premium and or comprehensive multivitamins have gradually become more common, which is a nice change of pace from the previously usual, cost-focused supplements. Inspired, Glaxon, and Ghost are all great examples of that, and now South African brand TNT Mercury has jumped in on the trend, putting together a multivitamin that has a lot more than just vitamins and minerals.

Nutrient Beast is the latest creation from TNT Mercury, and as you can see in its fully transparent facts panel below, it is a comprehensive multivitamin with a wide variety of ingredients. The brand has produced the product in the same sort of style as the legendary Animal Pak, breaking up the formula into separate pills then putting them all into the one, single-serving packet.

tnt mercury nutrient beast

Each of the 30 packets per bottle of TNT Mercury’s Nutrient Beast has two black capsules containing a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals, and two softgels providing 2g of wild-caught fish oil. There are also two yellow capsules full of organ health and digestion ingredients such as milk thistle, hawthorn berry, and DigeZyme, and one red capsule made up of adaptogens and joint features.

Nutrient Beast is now out and available in TNT Mercury’s home country of South Africa, with, as mentioned, 30 single-serving multi-packs per bottle. You can purchase the multivitamin supplement directly from the brand through its online store, where it is very reasonably priced at R329.95 (23.12 USD).

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