Reformulated Daily Essentials focuses more gut and digestive health

Apr 26th, 2021
uxo supplements daily essentials

Daily Essentials is UXO Supplements’ comprehensive multivitamin formula, bringing together a variety of vitamins, minerals, and a few extra ingredients for bonus benefits and features. For 2021, the brand has decided to reformulate, rebrand, and relaunch the product with a few notable changes, mostly in the area of those additional ingredients outside of the vitamins and minerals.

We’ve added the facts panel for UXO Supplements’ revamped Daily Essentials in the image below, which essentially carries over all of the vitamins and minerals from the original. The biggest changes are the product now uses premium chelated TRAACS minerals, and as mentioned, it has a different set of added ingredients, no longer featuring antioxidant, male support, and immune support blends.

uxo supplements daily essentials

UXO Supplements focuses heavily on additional gut health and digestion benefits in its updated Daily Essentials, now with DigeZyme enzymes, LactoSpore probiotics, and the prebiotic iXOS. It’s a nice change of direction for the product, especially since gut and digestive health have become quite popular as of late, whether it be in combination with multivitamins or standalone.

You can pick up the brand’s renewed Daily Essentials from its online store, although those premium improvements have increased the product’s price. UXO Supplements’ new and improved Daily Essentials is available for $29.99 compared to the previous version’s $14.99, and you get slightly fewer servings at 30.