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Immune supporting Boost joins Vitamin Well’s functional beverage family

vitamin well boost beverage

Vitamin Well is another popular Swedish beverage brand, although unlike most of the competitors we post about from the country, it is not all about sugar-free energy drinks. Vitamin Well has a strong selection of health, wellness, and performance drinks, each featuring a simple set of ingredients with a primary purpose, such as hydration and immunity.

This week Vitamin Well is rolling out an all-new beverage in Sweden with Vitamin Well Boost, aiming to support and improve your immune system, similar to the brands’ Defense-named drink. Boost has a slightly different formula compared to Defense, featuring vitamin E, vitamin C at a moderate 80mg per bottle, selenium, manganese, and zinc at a dose of 5mg.

Like most of the brand’s other products, the new Vitamin Well Boost comes with a good amount of carbohydrates at 20g per bottle, all of which is sugar, giving the product a calorie count of 80. The Boost beverage is available now in Sweden and comes in its own intriguing flavor with a sweet and refreshing blend of blueberry and raspberry.