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WellAware takes a more complete approach in its second amino product

wellaware eaa

Popular European brand WellAware is known mostly for its health and wellness style supplements but does have a more premium sports nutrition side with products branded in black instead of white. This week, that side of WellAware has grown with the launch of a second amino supplement, which separates itself from its others by being a more complete EAA formula.

WellAware has gone with a blend of aminos for its all-new and simply named product “EAA”, combining eight of the nine EAAs, arginine, and glutamine. We looked through the brand’s website and could not find a dose for any of the aminos or even a total amount, but we do know its serving size is 6g, with 30 servings per bag, so it’s not anywhere near as large as we’ve seen.

WellAware’s EAA is available for purchase now, directly through its online store in Raspberry and candy-inspired Cola flavors, and costs as low as 139 kr (16.54 USD) when buying three 30 serving bags.