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Bombbar puts caffeine, carnitine and taurine into its first energy drink

bombbar energy drink

Our Functional Food Brand Of The Year for 2020 in Bombbar, based in Russia, has proven once again why it is one of the leading functional companies in the world. The consistently creative and ever-expanding brand has jumped into the increasingly competitive energy drink market with its all-new Bombbar Energy for energy wherever and whenever you need it.

Bombbar has kept the formula for its first-ever energy beverage quite simple, not squeezing in a whole lot of active ingredients. The product features a variety of vitamins, most of which are B vitamins. The Russian brand has also included taurine, carnitine, and of course, to ensure it delivers on the energy side of things, caffeine at a moderate 125mg per can.

The Bombbar Energy drink is similar to almost all of the brand’s healthy treats and snacks, and is nutritionally friendly, with zero sugar and only ten calories in a 500ml can. The big question is how good does the product taste, which is a huge factor with energy drinks, and for that, Bombbar has four flavors to choose from in Lime Mint, Strawberries, Grapefruit, and Orange.

Bombbar’s energy drink debut is available for purchase through its primary online store at in single cans with no case or bulk bundle option that we can see. The price of one Bombbar Energy is, however, competitively priced at 110₽ (1.50 USD), working out to 1,320₽ (17.98 USD) if you’re purchasing the usual case of a dozen cans.