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Bowmar puts together its version of a comprehensive prenatal multivitamin

bowmar nutrition prenatal

Bowmar Nutrition has unveiled its all-new supplement “Prenatal”, which is, of course, a prenatal multivitamin specifically formulated for women that are pregnant, trying to get pregnant, and breastfeeding. Coming from Bowmar, it’s no surprise the brand has packed the product full of reliable and well-dosed ingredients and a few features that are not in your typical multivitamin.

Bowmar Nutrition Prenatal is expected to launch later this week on Friday, and like the rest of the brand’s lineup, it’ll be out and available in its official online store at Bowmar has not confirmed a price for the women’s specific supplement yet, although with the premium ingredients it has thrown in, it’s safe to say it’ll be more than your average multivitamin.

bowmar nutrition prenatal

You can see the complete combination of ingredients Bowmar Nutrition has brought together for its Prenatal multivitamin, including a solid dose of iron at 27mg per serving and a good amount of quality Quatrafolic folic acid. Some of the extra ingredients the brand has squeezed in are choline bitrate to support cognition, ginger root, and lutein and zeaxanthin for eye health.