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All-new NO Xplode Vaso and AminoX EAAs coming soon from BSN

bsn no xplode vaso

The last time we remember seeing an entirely new supplement from BSN, we’d have to go back several years, as all of the more recent developments from the legacy brand have been flavor extensions and collaborations. This week, the brand in red has announced not one but two upcoming products, although they’re not entirely new, as they’re both spin-offs of other BSN supplements.

The products coming soon from the long-running brand are AminoX EAAs, featuring a full spectrum of all nine EAAs, including 5g of BCAAs and another 5g of the other six. The second supplement on the way from BSN is a new version of its pre-workout in NO Xplode Vaso, promising a four-in-one pump blend and featuring 3.2g of beta-alanine, 300mg of caffeine, and a huge 8g of citrulline.

Both AminoX EAAs and NO Xplode Vaso obviously have a lot more information to come, which will likely be shared soon since the products themselves are launching soon. It is exciting to see a legacy brand like BSN back in the headlines with something new, mostly because, as mentioned, it’s been several years since we remember seeing a new supplement from the brand.