Cellucor brings over a C4 Ripped Sport flavor to its C4 Energy Drink lineup

May 26th, 2021
cellucor arctic snow cone c4 energy drink

Cellucor has brought over one of the popular flavors from the menu of its weight loss pre-workout C4 Ripped Sport for fans and followers to enjoy for one of its many carbonated beverages. Since introducing its first energy drink in C4 Carbonated, the brand has added several others to the category, including C4 Ultimate Carbonated and C4 Smart Energy.

The beverage getting the original C4 Ripped Sport flavor added to its menu is C4 Carbonated or now called C4 Energy Drink, and the flavor is Arctic Snow Cone, featuring a white-colored band around the neck. The product has launched through Cellucor’s online store, featuring all of the usual C4 Energy Drink highlights with 200mg of caffeine and no calories.

The Arctic Snow Cone C4 Energy Drink price is $29.99 for a case of 12 cans, although Cellucor does have a strong sale running through until the end of the month that brings that down a fair bit. Over at cellucor.com, you get 25% off everything the brand has available plus free shipping, which discounts a case of C4 Energy Drink down to $22.49.

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